Chess-Mates Summer Camp 2023

Date and Time: July and August 8 weeks, 9:00 am-16:000pm

Price: 450 CAD/week(5 days),  accept weekly register

Camp Description

Are you looking for a fun and challenging summer camp for your child who is passionate about chess? Look no further than the Chess-Mates Summer Camp!


Led by experienced coaches and masters, each day, our summer camp offers 1.5-hour morning lessons covering various aspects of chess, including different openings, tactics, and endgame strategies. In the afternoons, campers will participate in group training to apply what they have learned in a fun and engaging way.


But that’s not all! We also offer a one-hour debate lesson daily to help campers sharpen their critical thinking and public speaking skills. Our debate lessons are taught by experienced instructors in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Of course, we can’t forget about the tournaments! 


Campers will have the opportunity to compete in a range of tournaments throughout the week, with an official CFC rated tournament taking place on Friday.

At Chess-Mates, we are passionate about creating an environment where young chess players can thrive and develop both on and off the chessboard. So, if you’re looking for a summer camp that is both fun and challenging, sign up for Chess-Mates Summer Camp today!


We offer 4 weeks of summer chess camps for your convenience. For more information and to register and camp schedule, click the button and visit our website.

We look forward to seeing your child Summer Camp!

Chess-Mates Winter Youth Rapid Tournament

See you nexr session!

Gallery of Chess-Mates Youth Rapid Tournament 2022

Why Chess?

There are a lot of articles that talk about the benefits of playing chess. To name a few, chess brings people together and builds friendship, exercises your brain and develops problem-solving skills, and also helps children to focus and remain calm under pressure.


With all being said, chess is a very fun game! It’s loved by people around the world for more than 1000 years!

Why Chess-Mates?

Our online/in-person lessons are taught by masters with lots of experience. They are either well-known chess coaches in the GTA with decades of experience and proven records, or rising Canadian young masters who grew up right here in our communities. They are all very successful in their chess careers and are passionate and eager to share their knowledge and experience. 

At Chess-Mates, we focus on fundamental leaning as well as practise. We limit the class size up to 10! Also, with every online lesson signed (L1 to L4), we will have a free home work lesson! Our coach will work with your children step by step to make sure they fully understand what is taught and will also encourage them to practise frequently on popular chess websites. Remember, practise is always the key!

Chess Lesson

All registration include a free homework lesson, practice is the key!

In Person Lessons

  • Level 1 Introduction, For players with a CFC rating below 300 or rating below 400
    This level focuses on the basics of chess, including understanding notation, the board and pieces, and how to attack and capture pieces.
  • Level 2 Intermediate 1,  For players with a CFC rating between 301 and 600 or rating between 400 and 700
    This level builds on the basics and covers more advanced topics, such as activity, double attack (1 and 2), the pin, eliminating defense, and the three golden rules. Students will also learn about mate in two, fork with the knight, mating with the rook, double attack with other pieces, discovered attack, defending against mate, and endgames with the king pawn and promotion.
  • Level 3 Intermediate 2, For players with a CFC rating between 601 and 900 or rating between 700 and 1000

    This level focuses on completing the opening, as well as advanced tactics and strategy. Students will learn about discovered and double checks, attacking a pinned piece, mate through access, the square of the pawn, eliminating defense, defending against a double attack, mini plans, x-ray, defending against a pin, mobility, key squares (1), pinned pieces, and threats. Endgames with rook pawns and minor pieces are covered.

  • Level 4 Competition 1, For players with a CFC rating between 901 and 1100 or rating between 1000 and 1200.
    This level focuses on opening advantage, interfering, luring, blocking, thinking ahead, placing the front and back pieces, the passed pawn, eliminating defense, the magnet, weak pawns, material advantage, chasing and aiming, attack on the king, seventh rank, endgame strategy, clearing, and queen against pawn.
  • Level 5 Competition 2, For players with a CFC rating between 1101 and 1300 or rating between 1200 and 1400This level focuses on material and time management, breakthrough, using pawns effectively, pawn races, seventh rank, discovered attack, pin, rook against pawn, strong square, defending, and rook endings. Students will continue to learn about the main openings from previous levels, and will also continue to develop their endgame skills.
  • Level 6 Competition 3 For players with a CFC rating above 1300 or rating above 1400
    This level covers advanced topics such as king in the middle, the passed pawn, strategy, mobility, draws, tactics, pawn endings, bishop or knight, attacking the king, endgame advantage, bishops, defending, and rook endings.

Special Chess Lesson 3

First kind of lessons just for what you need, fix your weakness.

  • Ending Lesson Beginner CFC under 1000

    You learn and you have it for life. Very solid and fundamental lesson taught by FIDE Master FIDE Insturctor Jura Ochkoos
  • Ending lesson Advance CFC over 1000

    You learn and you have it for life. Very solid and fundamental lesson taught by FIDE Master FIDE Insturctor Jura Ochkoos

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